Zealous Defense in Wisconsin Courts

Defending people charged with criminal and traffic violations.

Zealous Defense in Wisconsin Courts

Defending people charged with criminal and traffic violations.

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The House Law Office is dedicated to the zealous defense of people charged with criminal offenses and traffic violations in Wisconsin municipal, circuit, and appellate courts. Attorney Steven House has over twenty-four years of experience practicing criminal and traffic defense. The emphasis of his practice is on impaired driving and controlled substances offenses.


Attorney House's philosophy is that cases should go to trial where there is no substantial benefit to reaching a plea agreement. Further, any possible issues for appeal should be preserved through representation at the trial court level even if a case is expected to be resolved by plea agreement.


In hiring Steven House you will have an attorney who cares about his clients, is passionate about civil liberties, and who understands that the law is an ever changing field that requires persistent study. You will also have an attorney who will personally handle your case rather than passing it on to a junior assistant to review and draft motions or even appear in court with you.

Attorney Steven House

Emphasis on Impaired Driving and Controlled Substances Offenses

Practice Areas

Impaired Driving

In Wisconsin, impaired driving is known as Operating While Intoxicated (OWI) or the colloquial "drunk driving". For most people charged with OWI, it is their first contact with the legal system. Once House Law Office is hired to represent you, we will take over your case and ensure that it is handled correctly so that all of your rights are preserved and you can obtain the best possible results.

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Controlled Substances

Regardless of the level of offense, drug convictions can carry negative consequences for an individual far beyond incarceration and fines. Drug crime convictions can impact a person's ability to obtain professional licenses, to work in certain occupation or for certain employers, or to purchase or possess a firearm. Drug crime convictions can result in much greater penalties as a repeat offender if a person is ever convicted in state or federal court of another drug offense.

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Client Reviews

He saved my career in aviation. In the end it pays to have a good attorney, and Steven House is among the best!
Extremely well organized, thorough in understanding my case, and pragmatic about the trade-offs for how to proceed through the process.
Saved my life and my dreams without breaking my bank. I owe this man everything.
Honest, down to earth, but also straight to the point and serious about finding a solution to my case. Couldn't recommend him enough!
I will never forget the effort that Mr. House put into my case and guided me in a chaotic situation as if I was his family.
An exceptional lawyer and human being.

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